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My first encounter with Vidal? We both watched a performance at lovely fabrik Potsdam and got to talk about the sex appeal of simplicity afterwards. Vidal is the first person that I ever met who exactly knows what he will work on in the next 20 years (and who managed to explain that to me within the first hour of our aquaintance). Read the chart above carefully – it explains what he has done so far – and you will have no doubt that his plans for the future will become true, won’t you?

I’m happy to support him keeping things simple because life seems to be complex enough as a freelance artist..In our initial debate about the sex appeal of simplicity, we didn’t come to a conclusion. In fact, I get the feeling that an ongoing discussion about that will become an impellent element of our collaboration. Look forward!

Last update: June 2011

Born in France, Vidal studied at the Paris Opera School and at the Superior Conservatory of Paris (CNSMDP). He joined the Ballet de l’Opéra du Rhin in 2000 and became a free lance artist in 2003, working with Felix Ruckert, le Grand Jeu (Louis Ziegler), and lately AmaraouiBurnerProject and Clément Layes. He also deepened his practice of improvisation with Kirstie Simson. He founded KHZ in 2006. In his choreographic work, he searches to explore improvised somatic and social dynamics, as ways to create meaningful moments of presence in a performance context. The group forming the body of KHZ, lately engaged in the tetralogy “Creative Commons“ also enhance this research with their own medias: music, photography, interactive lighting etc.. In parallel, Vidal also develops collaborations with other artists such as Robert Clark, Michaël d’Auzon, Lorenzo Gleijieses and Olivier Meyer to challenge these practices and achieve a deeper questioning and understanding of the act of performing, looking for other forms of representation.


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