INLAND – to be continued!

On the last weekend of July, we’ve been presenting INLAND to more than 300 people in Berlin. INLAND is a triple bill evening with current works by Berlin based choreographers Michael Löhr, Maya Lipsker and Stella Zannou.

Here is some documentation material, especially for those people who we had to sent away on our last show night:

TRAILER – tanzforum berlin
#1 L.O.L.A. by Stella Zannou
#2 Girl Bites Hand by Maya Lipsker
#3 INLAND by Michael Löhr

REVIEW by Tom Mustroph (German)
“Geliebte Besessenheit” von Tom Mustroph, Neues Deutschland am 30.7.2011

Michael Löhr about his work INLAND
Thoughts on INLAND, tanzraumberlin 07-08, 2011

Many thanks for all your excited, critical, fruitful feedback! As the presenter of this evening, e&e enjoyed an intense, wonderful experience and is highly motivated to work on a continuation of this successful endeavour which has been initiated by Michael Löhr. @Micha – let’s take it from here!

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