Brother Brother on tour !

November 29 & 30, 22h
Globalize Cologne Festival
UFA Filmpalast Köln
Cologne, Germany

December 2, 3 & 4, 20h
Cabaret Inestable
Valencia, Spain

Brother Brother is a duet created and performed by Clint Lutes and Tommy Noonan. The 50-minute performance consists of two men on an empty stage, their bodies moving in and out of synchronicity, proximity and interactions both intimate and violent; images of possible relationships, histories and futures are projected onto the empty walls that confine them to the space.

‘Between mime and dance, they dare much, they are the cry of the seagull, invite a spectator to delude themselves to hear the noise of the sea in a tray filled with seeds. A work of duo, more than of two, very masterful.’ – Midi Libre 08/07/2011 Stéphanie Teillais

‘We can compare them to comedians, because they know how to transport us somewhere else, in an extravagant world. But at the same time, there is no contempt. We remain in a grand poetic courtesy.’ – Danse a Montpellier 25/6/2011 JMD

Choreography and Performance: Clint Lutes and Tommy Noonan
Light Design: Carl Faber
Stage and Costume: Moritz Müller
Produced by: pvc-Tanz Freiburg-Heidelberg

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