Maya Lipsker

Maya Lipsker is a Berlin based choreographer, dancer and teacher who began her independent work in 2004. She created 16 pieces since and is highly active as a teacher in Germany and Europe. Maya danced 3 years in BatSheva Ensemble Company (IL, 2000-2003) and collaborated with choreographers such as Lara Barsacq, Sasha Waltz, Ohad Naharin and Arkadi Zaides to name a few. As a choreographer she received residencies in Berlin (Dock11, Labor Gras) amongst others and was commissioned to create pieces all over Europe.
Maya’s work presents narratives evolved from/by movement, a personal and rich physical language, details and musicality. In the past four years Maya’s interest in instant composition (/ improvisation) has developed theoretically and practically and has become a significant part of her creation process, integrated in her choreography and performance. Her work exists on the border between reality and fantasy while reflecting on radical human conditions related to solitude, environmental impact and relationships. At the same time, the work aims to have a quiet strength, leaving space for poetic resonance and limitless imagination.

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