Minako Seki

“It is fascinating to watch a piece of cloth which hangs on a twig off a tree and is passively moved by the wind. When taking sufficient time to watch the cloth moved by the wind, the perception changes. Isn’t possibly the wind moved by the cloth? That means, that the human being starts to develop own ideas. It could thus also be, that people are not moving themselves, but being moved. Similar to the cloth, I am moved, pushed and pulled by…
In Japan there are many ghosts, by far not all of them evil. The ghosts are everywhere. They are full of life energy and in movement like the wind…”
(Minako Seki)

When Minako speaks about the underlying philosophy of her work, I could listen for hours. Once at the very beginning of our collaboration, I have asked her to tell me more about the “Seki Method” at our next meeting. She arrived with seven objects that lead us through the main principles of the method that she is developing since more than 20 years. It was stunning.  Come and see her performing, or attend one of her  workshops and you will easily understand why we clicked in immediately.

Since January 2013, E|E is supporting Minako in terms of public relations and fundraising.



Photo: Minako Seki in “Human Form 1″, Credit: Vicky García.

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