Minako Seki presents HUMAN FORM 1 at Sophiensaele Berlin

February 23rd  11pm
Sophiensaele Berlin, 100grad festival

A solo work on the human form created and performed by Minako Seki

“In this work, I want to blur the boundary between the human body and the artificial body where we can no longer tell fantasy and reality apart. Here, the human body becomes no more than a mere puppet. By stripping the human body to just its form, I am trying to reach into the liminal space between the physical reality and the artificial reality.

Who then is in control of the puppet-body? What can make a puppet-body move? Is it the societal force or some other external forces? Is it fear? Or longing and desire? Will it be capable of intimacy? Would a disembodied human form be just another piece of useless object or does it actually hold a deeper meaning for us? To create this work, I draw inspirations from puppets and robots, and borrow elements from animation art, Japanese gardens and architecture.”

Foto: Vicky García


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