Ugly needs money

Clébio Oliveira studies the tyranny of beauty in our postmodern society and seeks a vibrant discurse about its fatal consequenses, speaking up for the creative forces of individual expressions, non-conformism and diversity.

What do you call ugly? What do you think is beautiful? And why?
How do these opinions influence your life style, your love life, your political view?

Clébio Olveira will work on these questions among others in order to create an engaging dance piece titled “Ugly”. Because dance is the language that he speaks best. He will speak to you and can’t wait to enter a dialogue with you on “Ugly”. You are warmly invited – the piece will be presented at Dock 11 Berlin on June 6, 7, 8 and 9th, 2013.

If you think “Ugly” is important, you can support it’s making – the small amount of 6 Euros out of your pocket will already make a big difference. As you may know, independent art works like Clébio’s, are often produced with very little money, lots of passion and enthusiastic supporters. Are you one of them?

Meet Clébio and take a peek into his recent works:

Take action:

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