Frau Wagner in Cologne!

There will be war, my love!
If you happen to be in Cologne tonight, don’t miss the theatre performance “Frau Wagner rüstet sich”, recently produced by Berlin based Bryckenbrant at Sommerblutfestival!

When: Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 – 8:30pm
Where: Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten / Volksgartenstraße 25 / 50677 Köln
Contact: +49 221-9522709

Christian Behrend – as Behrend
Janne Gregor – as Gregor
João Victor Toledo – as Toledo
Grit Wagner – as Frau Wagner
Mathias Znidarec – as Znidarec

Benjamin Lahusen, Judith Hille, Lena Hille, Clara Thorbecke

Director: Daniel Wittkopp
Choreographer: Janne Gregor
Stage & Costum Design: Miriam Chouaib
Make up: Lena Hille

Please find more info at:
(German only)

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