INTAKT #3 premiers in Berlin

Premiere April 3th, 2014 at Dock11 Berlin

Rhythm is something we just have to follow? That´s not necessary the case!
Anna Melnikova (dance), Marcus Thomas(sound) and Cia RInne (poetry) have totally different rhythms, pushing themselves and each other to ever greater heights through own means of artistic experience – virtuoso and dilettante, precise and chaotic, poetic and humorous. They dance, stamp, shout, sing, swing, knock,tap- and stop. It is a multi-lingual game of questions and answers that asks the question: what is your rhythm?

Anna Melnikova(Choreography/Performance),
Marcus Thomas(Sound/Performance),
Cia Rinne(Poetry/Performance)

Concept: Anna Melnikova
Dramaturgy: Katja Kettner
Costume: Friederike Donath
Light: Annegret Schalke
PR: Enthusiastic Encounters

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