Dance at Wikipedia!

In December 2010, Doreen became a member of the Dance WikiProject. This project is an initiative of the English Wikipedia dedicated to the improvement of all dance related articles in order to make Wikipedia one of the best online resources on the subject.

While working on articles related to contemporary dance within the Dance WikiProject, Doreen is currently working on an extension of these online activities, like recruiting experts for specific topics, live discussions (“wiki salons”), gathering a team of like-minds for research and authoring, networking activities between the English, French and German Wikipedia, etc.

Does that sound interesting to you? Please contact us or directly contribute at Wikipedia !

Since 2007, Doreen is an author of the Wikipedia, the well-known online encyclopedia that surely represents one of the greatest projects of social collaboration on the web.

Fascinated by its vigorous dynamics, passionated contributors and equivalence to “real life” phenomena, she not only contributs to extend/improve the German and English Wikipedia (mainly on art related articles) but also offers workshops to spread her knowledge and discuss ideas regarding the Wikipedian universe.

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